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WordPress Web Design & Development


Many new small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs that are just starting out will ask themselves ‘how do I build a website for my small business?’. Many people simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to building their own site, so it will often pay you to seek out some professional help.

WordPress Website Creation

Creating a WordPress website is one of the most popular solutions for sole traders, small business owners and small partnership companies. There is a good reason for this because the setting up and optimisation of your small business website is one of the most important things you can do to kick-start your business off on the right foot.

WordPress offer a perfect solution here for the small business owner because using this platform doesn’t cost thousands of pounds and it doesn’t deliver you with an overly complex website that you don’t understand or know how to manage.

Navigating the internet can be very difficult should you try to attempt this alone. Unless you are familiar with using code and know how plugins and apps work, then it would be much simpler for you to get some very cost-effective help with creating your WordPress site with Exclusive Web.

With many years of experience of creating high-performance WordPress websites for business users, Exclusive Web are here for small business owners in Birmingham and the Midlands. We can deliver you a WordPress site that is geared up with the latest WordPress security features for your protection, as well as full optimisation for smartphones, mobile technology and SEO.

Full WordPress customisation

You don’t have to worry about being delivered a very generic looking WordPress website that looks almost identical to many other websites. WordPress do offer some very stylish website templates for the beginner user to work with, but not many people know how to use the customisation tools available that can completely transform the look, feel and functionality of a WordPress website.

Updating and upgrading your WordPress website

Even if you have taken the plunge into creating your own WordPress website by yourself, you can still get our expert help to update and improve your business website. We can help you boost your website visibility and impact by adding new functionality to your WordPress site, while at the same time keeping costs low so your budget doesn’t eat into your profits or bottom line.

WordPress problem solving

No matter whether you are a complete technophobe or you know your way around a WordPress website, you can still often run into problems that you cannot see an easy fix for. This is why having an expert on hand can quickly solve your problem and get your website up and running again with minimal delay.

Whether you need to upgrade your WordPress website functionality to ensure it is running optimally, or you need a major overhaul and some in-depth maintenance performed on your old WordPress site, we are here to help!

Why not talk to us today to see how we can help to create your perfect WordPress business website or help you to update and restore the functionality of your existing WordPress website.

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